Molecular Motors & Cell Motility

Molecular Motors

  1. Molecular motors:
  2. General scheme of motor transport:
    • Asymmetry for directionality
    • Rectification of fluctuations by consumption of energy
  3. Motion in a noisy environment


  4. A Brownian ratchet (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

    View a ratchet and pawl animation

  • Asymmetric hopping models:
    • Fisher, M. E., A. B. Kolomeisky. "The force exerted by a molecular motor." PNAS 96, no. 6597 (1999).
    • Multiple internal states
    • Solution with two internal state
    • Einstein force, stalling force
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    Cell Motion

    1. Brownian motion
    2. Crawling cells
    3. Swimming cells:
      • Life at Low Reynolds Number (E.M. Purcell)
      • The scallop theorem: impossibility of reciprocal motion
      • Flagellar rotary motion (efficiency)
      • Chemotaxis by runs and tumbles—why?
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