Ses # Topic Key dates
1 Recognizing patterns  
2 Making poetry in English 1 page introduction due
3 From evidence to analysis  
4 Etymologies and rhythms  

Guest lecture: Shigeru Miyagawa, Senior Associate Dean of Open Learning at MIT

Language as system(s)

6 The shape of sentences and the shape of information 3 pp. informal essay due
7 Reading line breaks 3 pp. informal essay due
8 Fixed forms, rhymed and otherwise  

Guest lecture: Nick Montfort, Poet and MIT Professor

New work in computer-generated poetry

3 pp. informal essay due
10 Sound patterns and sense  
11 Reading a difficult poem (1) Presentation on part of an assigned poem
12 Reading a difficult poem (2) 5 pp. revision of and expansion of an informal paper due
13 How do metaphors work?  
14 Guest lecture: Tyehimba Jess, Poet  
15 How does allusion work? (History) 5 pp. report on "The Waste Land"
16 Guest lecture: Charles Shadle, MIT Lecturer  
17 Guest lecture: Kimberly Brown, MIT Visiting Professor 4–5 pp. analytic essay on reading, discussion, and book due

Guest lecture: Martha Collins, Poet

Translating Poetry

19–23 Student-initiated readings and presentations 5–6 pp. final presentation report due (drawing on work from your student-initiated class)