All readings in the table below are from the required text:

Buy at Amazon Hemond, H. F., and E. J. Fechner. Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment. 2nd ed. Academic Press, 2000. ISBN: 0123402751.

1 Control Volumes
Mass Balance
Advective/Dispersive Transport
Read through p. 25
2 Chemical Equilibria
Mass Action
Mass Conservation
3 Chemical Kinetics
Read through p. 137
4 River Transport
5 Lakes and Wetlands
6 Sediment Transport
Bottom Sediments
7 Air-Water Exchange Read through p. 160
8 Major Ion Chemistry of Natural Waters
9 Ecosystem Characteristics
Redox Chemistry
Read through p. 175
10 Redox Chemistry in Ecosystems
11 BOD/DO Modeling
Microbial Kinetics
Read through p. 220
12 Photochemistry
Quiz 1
13 Groundwater and Aquifers
Darcy's Law
Flow Nets
14 Wells
Capture Curves
Read through p. 297
15 Transient Well Hydraulics
Transport and Retardation
16 Unsaturated Zone Flow
Read through p. 346
17 Biodegradation
18 Atmospheric Structure
Adiabatic Lapse Rates
Read through p. 398
19 Global, Synoptic, Local Scale Circulation
20 Gaussian Plume Modeling
Deposition Processes
21 Tropospheric Chemistry
Acid Deposition
22 Stratospheric Chemistry
Radiative Activity of Gases
23 Court Case I
24 Court Case II

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