The Techniques and Discussion sessions provide an in-depth view of current technologies used in the biochemistry field that are briefly outlined in the lectures. Recitation class time focuses on technologies described in the methods sections of scientific papers that students are required to read. The table below includes an example set of notes taken by a student in the course for each Techniques and Discussion session (TD#).

TD1 Beta-ketoacyl-ACP Synthase I (FabB) (PDF)
TD2 Smith Paper: Ranhan, V. S., A. K. Joshi, and S. Smith. "Mapping the Functional Topology of the Animal Fatty Acid Synthase." Biochemistry 40, no. 36 (2001): 10792-10799.

TD class notes (PDF)
TD3 Walsh Paper: Keating, T. A., and C. T. Walsh. "Initiation, Elongation, and Termination Strategies in Polyketide and Polypeptide Antibiotic Biosynthes." Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 3 (1999): 598-606.

TD class notes (PDF)
TD4 Endocytosis of LDL and Radioactivity Techniques (PDF)
TD5 Structure (PDF)
TD6 Hydroxyl Radical Footprinting (PDF)
TD7 Gel Electrophoresis; Photoaffinity Probes (PDF)
TD8 Rodnina Paper: Rodnina, M. V., T. Daviter, K. Gromadski, and W. Wintermeyer. Biochimie 84 (2002): 745-754.

TD class notes (PDF)
TD9 FRET, Steady State (PDF)
TD10 Exam 3 Answers and Discussion
TD11 GroEl / GroES (PDF)
TD12 DnaJ Specificity (PDF)